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 The registration fee is 200 AED per person payable at the time of registration.


Tuition fees 2015

Term 1 will commence Saturday 5th September 2015. Tuition fees must be paid in advance for the full term. This term lasts 15weeks. When students join mid-term, a pro-rated fee will apply.The majority of our lessons are for 30 minutes, with 45 and 60-minute lessons reserved for more advanced students upon a teacher’s recommendation.

The following fees apply for both instrumental and theory lessons regardless of the instrument.

Individual Lessons - Total Term Fees - Term 1 (15 weeks)

30-minute lesson: 2550 AED

45-minute lesson:  3825 AED


Group lessons - Total Term Fees - Term 1 (15 weeks)

30-minute lesson, up to 4 students:  1500 AED (per student)

45-minute lesson, up to 4 students:  2250 AED (per student)


Payment can be made in cash, credit cards or cheque  (payable to Centre for Musical Arts).



Registration for next term

 The end of term is nearly upon us! In order to save your lesson slot for the Autumn term please visit our front desk from 6th - 10th June in Bui...

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